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  iTeacher.in has been in the forefront of education and our tutors have been helping students since many years to achieve high grades. Our tutors provide quality Private Coaching in all subjects like Maths, Science etc. to students throughout the world through the innovative means like Video Conferencing coupled with Online whiteboard.

Why us? Best Tutor for Maths, Physics and all levels. Personalised Tuitions.

  • All our Tutors are exceptionally qualified with post graduate degrees. Also they have multiple years of experience in teaching.
  • These sessions are just like face to face classes or even better. You don’t have to leave your home to attend the class or invite anyone to yours. Try our Demo Class to experience our Online Classroom. 
  • All the sessions are recorded and can be used for revision purposes as also for security reasons.
  • Our tutors use latest IT tools like presentations, media files etc. to teach their pupils the finer points and strengthen their basic concepts.
  • Our teaching solution is not at all complex and does neither requires special IT training. In fact our Tutors taught even 5 year olds through our Video conference plus Online whiteboard.
  • Our solution is time tested and our tutors provide better learning environment than a face to face session. Be it  subject is out of our reach.
  • Our first class is free. If you are not satisfied even after 7 days of coaching, we return your remaining balance, No questions asked.