• What is Online Whiteboard?

    Consider Online Whiteboard as a classroom whiteboard or chalkboard, which essentially is a blank “surface,” or space on which to draw and write. Using your computer mouse as “chalk,” you can write on the blank whiteboard for others to see. Creating Mathematical Equations, Chemical formulae was never more easier and the teachers can also include media tools like videos, presentations etc to make their lessons more effective. With our Online Webconference tool which enables Teacher and Student to view each other and talk too, its a better solution than face to face teaching, coupled with your privacy and convenience of neither travelling noe entertaining anyone in your home.

  • What age group does you start with and what Subjects are covered?

    If a Child can sit in front of the computer and converse through the headset, we can teach them. We start with Year 1 and can teach High School( A & AS Levels). We cover major topics like General science, Mathematics(including advanced), Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Information Technology, English etc.
    If you have some specific requirement please feel free to get in touch.

  • Are the sessions recorded?

    Yes. All the sessions are recorded which can be played by the students for revision purposes. Parents too can log in and view the lessons and keep a tab on their child’s progress. This way the knowledge does not get lost and can used when required.

  • Who are your teachers and what experience do they have?

    All our teachers are Post-Graduates with vast experience in teaching. Our teachers are subject experts and love what they do. They will hand-hold the students and take them to their desired levels.

  • Is their any minimum Age limit to using your Online Teaching?

    NO. If you have seen your child playing with your smartphone and your laptop, you very well know that they have the hang of the things. A child in the Year 1 can also learn by Web conferencing with the teacher. The teacher can explain the concepts to the Student just like sitting across the table. For a young pupil the parent might need to log in and start the session but after that the teacher can easily manage the session.

  • What are the Hardware and Software requirements?

    Hardware – A basic computer with decent internet speed. Most of the laptops come with an in-built webcam but if not then you might have to buy a basic webcam. A headset with a mic will be essential as inbuilt mic+speakers are not effective. You can try a Skype session and see how it performs.

    Software – Your computer should have an Internet Browser  Firefox (Firefox is preferred though other browsers will also perform) with latest Flash version installed. To make use of other teaching material your computer should have a PDF reader, MS Office and a Video player.